Wall Art Size Guides

Use these guides to design your wall spaces. In most cases, it is best to hang artwork at eye level. If you plan on displaying a group of pieces, make the centre of the group eye-level. For artwork in the dining room, consider hanging your decoration arrangement a little lower – this way, you can enjoy looking at your art while sitting down. Ultimately, it is your space to design.

Using this guide with the couch helps to see proportions of artwork

Using the guide with a human figure helps to see the proportions of the artwork sizes

Use this guide to deign your bedroom wall
  • Quality Materials

    Golden, Daler-Rowney, Liqutex, Amsterdam, and The Fine Touch brand fluid, medium and heavy body paints have been used to create works on paper and canvas. Works on paper should be framed with or without mats under UV protection non-glare glass or plexiglass. Gallery wrap canvas works have extended designs on one or more sides so that framing is not necessary.

  • Excellent Craftsmanship

    From sketchbook to finished work, all artworks are original designs created by the hand of the artist from personal inspirations. The materials are carefully selected and then skillfully used. Great care is taken to store and ship artworks. A wax-stamped Certificate of Authenticity comes with each artwork that is signed by the artist.

  • Exceptional Value

    All artwork has been thoughtfully priced according to the artist's hourly wage; time used for inspiration research; materials applied, and time utilized in the creation process. Please refer to the artist's credentials on the Meet the Artist page to authenticate pricing.

Fine Art Look Book

This Look Book collection communicates ideas of how to style various spaces. All furnishings and decor are interior design staging. Only the artworks are for purchase and are approximate proportions to the room. Check artwork descriptions in the Fine Art Collections for the exact measurements of each artwork.

Four Hand-Pressed prints from the After Summer Series grouped with mo mats and 1/2" walnut wood frames.

Let peace and curiosity lead as you survey the vivid colors and various textures mixing in this abstract series Elements.