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Hand-Pressed Series | After Summer V

Hand-Pressed Series | After Summer V

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Oakleaf Hydrangea Prints & Fluid Acrylics on Paper

24" x 18”


The beauty of nature in the Fall with its various colors and textures is the focus of these individual hand-pulled prints. 

hand-pulled print is any work of art produced in limited multiple iterations and created through a hand printed transfer process.

Carefully selected Alice Oakleaf Hydrangea leaves were cut and brought home; each leaf was painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics on the vein side; and laid on top of 140 lb watercolor paper. Newspaper was placed on top of the leaf and gently rubbed. It’s always a surprise to see how the print comes out.

Inspiration for the contrasting red berry sprigs were from my memory of Nandina shrubs with their bursts of red berries after they flower.

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