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Elements Series | Touch of Blue

Elements Series | Touch of Blue

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Fluid Acrylic on Canvas

20” x 16” x 5/8“


Let peace and curiosity lead as you survey the vivid colors and various textures mixing in this abstract series Elements.

Creating abstract art gives me time to reflect. My four sons have me on a text thread where we discuss the pandemic and reoccurring social justice issues. It’s exhausting! I used the time at home to create non-objective artwork while I worked out my feelings, responses, and actions.

This series focuses on texture and color using leftover paints on canvas as the base. A painting knife, large plastic comb and gift cards were used to create the texture.

Unframed Instructions: The sides of the canvas have been painted for your choice of hanging without a frame:

  1. Turn canvas to the back and measure the inside of the wood frame
  2. Use a level and draw two dots on the wall
  3. Place nails or screws in wall
  4. Hang artwork  or hang using attached wire


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