Topography Series | Unknown Origins, Acrylic Paint & Woodcut Print Collage on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 36" x 24" x 1.5", 2020

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I love wood with its textures and patterns. A Dremel tool was used to carve out the natural lines in a piece of Luan wood.

The wood plate started at 5ft x 18” but it wouldn’t fit on the printing press. I cut off 10” which left almost 50” of printing surface. The paper used is Lennox 100, off white, 250 gsm (about 140 lb) neutral pH, acid free.

I created a 6 ft x 12 ft woodcut print collage for my graduate exhibit in 2011 but afterwards I rolled that collage up and it’s moved with me 7 times.

The 2020 pandemic gave me the opportunity to repurpose it into several compositions on gallery wrap canvas and 150 lb watercolor paper using Lines Neutral ph Adhesive.

Ready to hang with eye hooks and wire attached