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Woven Together | Blue

Woven Together | Blue

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Acrylic Paint and Canvas Strips woven into a Gallery Wrap Canvas

36" x 24" x 1.5"


Moving forward from 2021’s explosions of systemic racism; COVID-19 epidemic; US elections and politics; White House insurrection; global upheavals; and the constant bombardment of printed and electronic media documenting every event —I needed moments of peace, and joy in 2022.

During our confinement indoors during the Pandemic, I created a lot of abstraction artwork. The Woven Together series is a blend of painted strips cut from a roll of leftover canvas that has been woven into a cut and painted gallery wrapped canvas.

The combination of the two techniques, painting and weaving, gives this series added texture. I experience peace and joy while creating abstraction and I want the viewer to experience some peace and joy in these artworks.

Ready to hang with D-Rings and wire.

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